Disability Services SEO: Searched & Accessed Via Google

With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, here in Australia, we are beginning to take disability support seriously on an economic basis. Disability has been, for far too long, hidden away from the eyes of mainstream Australia, through decades of institutionalisation and church based charitable organisations. Workers with disabilities have been economically exploited by the businesses set up to serve their needs, by providing jobs to this section of our society, but not paying them realistic wages. Today, disability is on the lips and at the fingertips of more people, as they search for disability services via Google and other search engines.

Disability Services SEO: Searched & Accessed Via Google

Organisations set up to service people with disabilities, their families and carers, are now making sure that they are adequately represented in the digital sphere. There is the opportunity for far greater accessibility for these groups through the Internet. People can find their websites through searching with keyword terms, if these sites have been properly SEOd.  It is now more important than ever before to have digital representation via websites and social media, if the right people are going to find the organisations that can help them.

Things like community based respite for disability carers are available, but this kind of service needs to be more widely promoted to that section of the community that really needs it. Disability services SEO: searched & accessed via Google will increase the reach of these organisations, so that they can make a difference to the lives of the people who require assistance. The families and carers of disabled people are often the forgotten part of this whole equation. They are so busy helping others that they get passed over and neglected to the detriment of themselves and those who they care for.

The digital realm provides low cost opportunities for these organisations to effectively promote themselves to their market. Good organic SEO delivers more for longer, when compared to traditional advertising channels, like print media, TV and radio. Carers can sit in their own homes and type into their phone or computer the questions that they have about disability support options. It is something which requires some focused attention and the Internet can provide solutions in spades for their inquiries. It is an expanding community service, within a growing awareness about disability in general. Australia is waking up to its shared responsibility for the disabled within our communities.

Why New Kitchen Sales Continue to Sizzle

Why is the kitchen the most popular room in the house to renovate? Why has it remained so for more than two decades? Australian homeowners want spiffy kitchens to cook in. They want the gleam of stainless steel and the stylish look that they see on TV, in all these popular cooking shows. It is no lie to say that until the late twentieth century most kitchens in this country were a travesty. No bench space, no storage space and no practical application to do any real cooking inside them. They were serveries rather than kitchens, adorned with hideous shades of linoleum, and, even, wallpaper in many of them.

Why New Kitchen Sales Continue to Sizzle

I remember growing up in Perth, Western Australia in the nineteen sixties and seventies. Our kitchen was a crazed collection of burnt orange, brown and yellow hexagonals on the walls. A kitchen with the bare necessities, in terms of stove and appliances. Minimal bench space like most kitchens in that state. It was not a room that inspired reaching for any culinary stars. It bespoke of overcooked lamb chops and three veg. It cried out, corned beef on the weekends, with canned beetroot slices and iceberg lettuce leaves. There was barely room enough to swing a cat in any direction.

The numerous examples of kitchens like these in the west, has meant that kitchen renovations in Perth have been in constant and exponential process ever since. There has been an awfully large base of crappy kitchens to transform. It is happening, however, with great new designs and beautiful cabinets appearing in the engine rooms of domestic domiciles across both sides of the Swan River. Suburb after suburb, now feature fantastic new kitchens for home cooks to prosper in.

The cooking moon continues to wax lyrical on our TV screens, which is a good thing for home cooking. Cooking is an honourable labour; and if we teach our kids to appreciate good cooking, it will be beneficial for them and the nation. The more cooks we have the less fast food we will consume here in Australia. Fast food is only attractive to immature palates, people who have never outgrown their adolescence. Why new kitchen sales continue to sizzle is because we are growing up and becoming a sophisticated society. Pies and sausage rolls, cartons of iced coffee and iced chocolate drinks, are all fare from a bygone age. Viva la culinaire.



Promotional Opportunities: Digital vs Hard Copy

The best way to get your brand out there and make a profit is by marketing your product to the right set of of customers. This being said, coming up with the right marketing strategy in introducing your brand is not an easy job. As a matter of fact, marketers put in a lot of hours in brainstorming possible approaches in increasing brand recognition.

There is an ongoing debate as to which kind of marketing technique is the best. Is it the traditional marketing? Or is it the more advanced digital promotion? With the recent technological developments, an increasing number of marketers are shifting to digital marketing. However, one cannot dismiss the fact that conventional marketing has some strong suits as well.

Promotional Opportunities: Digital vs Hard Copy

In order to weigh the two, let us first describe traditional and digital marketing.

Traditional marketing includes promotion on print media, such as newspapers, magazines, brochures and any printed material. It also encompasses broadcast media in the form of TV and radio ads, telemarketing, and promotional hard copy products. Since we are talking about promotional products, pens, coffee mugs, stickers and magnets that have written promotional messages are also a part of traditional/hard copy marketing. On the other hand, digital marketing focuses its marketing efforts via banner ads, content marketing, social networking sites and video marketing.

  • Market Reach

In reaching loyal and prospective customers, traditional marketing’s power can only stretch out up to the local market. In digital marketing, businesses can get in contact with not only the local audience, but also to the international market.

  • Marketing Approach

Traditional marketing has a more personalized touch when reaching customers. This is because the company can instill a person-to-person relationship while introducing to the market their brand. On one hand, digital marketing display a “general feels” since the only aim is to reach the market, albeit the absence of a more physical approach.

  • Information Dissemination

The message that traditional marketing would want to convey can be easily understood. This is because everyone is familiar with this kind of approach. More so, a lot of people have access to traditional marketing. On the other hand, digital marketing can only connect with people who have access to the Internet.

There are still a lot of factors that will give you a different perspective on the two promotional opportunities. Just make sure to weigh the pros and cons, and assess which type of marketing is the perfect fit for your business.

Locksmith SEO: Lead Generation For the Security Industry

Locksmiths have been around since time immemorial. As technology progresses, marketing techniques in promoting locksmith services also became advanced. In terms of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this industry is confronted with various challenges.

Those who are in need of locksmith services look for locksmith companies on the Internet. Most of these online searches are during emergency situations. Because of this, people seek locksmiths that are near them; thus, location is an important component of locksmiths search results. This results in a highly competitive environment. Moreover, the location of a locksmith helps businesses to specifically target their market, which, in turn, aids in its growth.

Locksmith SEO: Lead Generation for the Security Industry

Basically, people are looking for mobile locksmiths and not for a locksmith company per se. When a person cannot find his/her car keys, he/she needs a locksmith to access the car again. If burglars forced their way into your house, you will require a locksmith to change your home’s locks or rekey the bolts and latches. These scenarios demonstrate why completed online searches have precise location.

If you want your locksmith website to appear on page one of the search engine results page (SERP) or rank high, you need to use the right keywords. According to studies, the most commonly used keywords by customers when searching for locksmiths are “locksmith”, “locksmith near me” and “24 hour locksmith”. Using these keywords is important, especially when you are creating new content for your website. You can also include them on your website’s new pages or tabs.

One rule of thumb in an effective utilization of keywords in SEO is to incorporate them in the most important parts of your blog post. They should be manifested in the title, h1 and tags, among other things. Just don’t overpack these parts with your keywords to make it look natural.

For a more effective lead generation, you should geo-target your keywords. This means that you must add specific places on your keyword for your content. For instance, when you type locksmiths in Sydney on your search engine, your query will show all the available locksmiths in Sydney. Now, the ranking of a locksmith website depends on how well they incorporated their keywords. Moreover, the SEO strategy used in the website’s content or pages is also a factor.

Managing Your Leads As Important As Generating Them

Lead generation plays a very important role to a huge number of companies and business owners in the present. With the help of leads, companies are able to capitalize on the information to refine their products and services in an effort to cater to the preference and task of their target audience. It should be noted that generating leads does not end your task however, this is considered to be only the beginning as companies need to manage this information and use them to their advantage. Let us explore the importance of intranet & networking in managing clients effectively.

Managing Your Leads As Important As Generating Them

As mentioned earlier, lead generation provides the information that companies need to better tune their services. Companies take the necessary measures in acquiring this information and as such, they want to make sure that this data does not leak to the public. You don’t want your hard work to go to waste and having this information out there can spell disaster to a company as their competitors can use these against them.

A good way of keeping this secured is by integrating Intranet to their day to day activities. Intranet is oftentimes identified as a private network that is contained within an enterprise. The private network is accessible only to an organization’s staff helping reinforce the much needed security features along the way. Setting up an internal network such as SharePoint can go a long way in keeping your day to day conversation with clients and fellow employees safe and away from prying eyes.

Aside from the added security, intranet allows companies instant access to a single document at different locations allowing their employees to collaborate their work and update them in real time. This great for companies who are managing a large workforce and well as those who have branches across different regions. These need to be interconnected and the intranet is able to do just and in a timely and effective manner. This is the reason why a huge number of companies in the present are taking the necessary measures of integrating intranet to their daily work activities.

Intranet has also been rapidly evolving allowing companies to manage their leads at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. The number of mobile intranet apps have been increasing allowing companies to access information through their phones. Companies such as Microsoft has also been working intently in putting company intranet on iPhones. They just launched SharePoint for iOS, its first mobile SharePoint app. The tool gives you access to the files, portals, sites and teams that you’re used to on the desktop.

It should be noted that 59% of enterprises have integrated video into intranet with regular use of video in the workplace becoming the norm. Cloud based intranet has also been growing in popularity providing plenty of wonderful benefits to companies today. In other countries, Iran has inaugurated its own intranet which aim to provide safer data transfer and offer better protection against cyberattacks.

Intranet has its own fair share of pros and cons. If not prepared in advance, companies can get into legal problems especially with their emails. For that matter, it is important to train your staff and managers on the proper use of the intranet.

Furniture SEO: Sydney Furniture Stores Topping Rankings

Data shows that the Australian eCommerce market grew by 9.3 percent last year. This translated to at least $19 billion worth of online purchases. One of the most popular online shopping destinations among consumers is a furniture store website.

Buying furniture online is now easy and straightforward. Since a lot of websites are now selling different kinds of furniture online, the competition between these shops is getting fiercer each day. Having a good website design will not only attract more customers, but will also help you rank better in terms of furniture SEO. Here is a list of a few Sydney furniture stores that topped the rankings.

Furniture SEO: Sydney Furniture Stores Topping Rankings

Fanuli is a family brand that has been around the Australian furniture market for 40 years. One need not need to be a wooden furniture specialist to know that they offer quality and stylish bedroom, outdoor and storage furniture, among others. Fanuli landed high in SEO rankings because of their web design. It is user-friendly and shows clear and sizeable images of their furniture line. The texts also have enough space to breathe.

BoConcept is a Scandinavian furniture store at the heart of the city. It is a furniture chain with stores across 60 countries. One factor that helped the website topped SEO rankings is their proper utilization of their photos. They used beautifully shot images, which establish an emotional connection to the site visitors. On their home page, BoConcept highlighted their products and displayed them using the same image sizes. This way, a piece of furniture cannot overshadow another piece as all of their products are good enough to stand on their own.

My Furniture Store brings online your typical furniture shop. The website design is actually simple, but it would be better if they don’t spread on their home page a lot of pictures of their products. Nonetheless, the overall look of My Furniture Store is easy to navigate. The furniture is classified according to categories, which makes it uncomplicated for customers to filter the kind of furniture they want.

The website of Fantastic Furniture gives you this “major brand” feeling. It looks very commercial and has a semblance of a popular online shop. This being said, the website embodies an ideal furniture store website. They also use social proof, which is evident in their marked down sale and links to their social media accounts.

Beyond Furniture is like the other furniture websites. It gives users a personalized feeling while navigating through the site. On the site’s home page, Beyond Furniture gives spotlight to their furniture and discounted products on sale.

At first, one may think that Space Furniture has a minimalist, yet effective design. The site’s theme uses three colors: yellow, white and black. It makes the website looks classy, but is actually affordable, especially with their marked down promo.

Digital Gambling: Parting Punters From Their Money

Online gambling is a fun way to de-stress. But once it gets out of hand, a leisure activity becomes an addiction. As a matter of fact, today’s technology and the Internet are playing a big role in online gambling addiction. It is so much easier now to deposit funds and bet on anything and everything.

Websites that offer free bet incentives via Australian bookmakers encourage a lot of punters to make huge deposits to their online gambling accounts. There are various options in doing this. Punters can lay their money via credit or debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, prepaid cards or vouchers, and checks.

Digital Gambling: Parting Punters From Their Money

The recent developments in digital gambling have also created new possibilities for some people to fleece money from unsuspecting punters and the like. In a report by the Daily Mail Online, gamblers are advised to be extra cautious when making a wager online. Through a malicious spyware, hackers have their eyes on the punters’ poker hands in various gambling websites. After which, they join the game knowing what their odds of winnings are.

The malware works by creating screenshots of the poker players’ windows. Then, the images are sent to the hacker’s computer. As per an anti-virus company, this threat has not yet reached the Australia and the Americas. This being said, they advised punters to always update their anti-virus software.

There are also reported websites that claim to market binary options for punters on how they can increase their odds of winning. One of these is NRGbinary. According to reports, the website has tricked thousands of punters and swindled millions of dollars from them. The victims were used with a high-pressure sales approach to make a purchase. Aside from this, there were unauthorized money transfers from the victims’ online accounts, which is also suspected to be of the website’s doing.

Gambling Addicts and What They Do

Numerous reports have surfaced regarding gambling addicts who were jailed because they fleeced money from other people. Their reason was to support their obsession to make online bets. These people end up telling webs of lies just to finance their addiction. Clearly, this kind of behavior does not need technology for them to shell out a significant amount of money from their accounts.

Social Media For Not-For-Profit Groups Information

Social media has been growing in popularity over the years drawing the attention of both young and adult individuals alike. Millions of active online users log to these websites on a regular day to day basis making it a good platform for companies to advertise their business. Business owners however, aren’t the only ones capitalizing on the huge success of social media websites. Non-profit organizations have also been keen in piquing the interest of their target audience. This is quite apparent with the growing number of organizations that have also setup and are running their very own social media accounts.  Let us look at some examples of Sydney based NFPGs effectively utilising social media to raise awareness about their causes

Social Media For Not-For-Profit Groups Information

You will not be finding any shortage of non-profit organizations with Australia being filled to the brim with NFPGS each with their own respective function and purpose. With that being said, there is still quite a number of organizations who are not using social media to reach their audience. For this list, we will only be looking a few of the many organizations who are active not only on their website but also in their social media profiles.

Australian Cancer Research Foundation

The ACRF supports high-level research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all cancers by funding vital infrastructure and has awarded $120 million in cancer research grants to world-class Australian research initiatives.

Bird Life Australia

BirdLife Australia is dedicated to creating a bright future for Australia’s birds. They are the nation’s largest bird conservation organization. They share news, pictures along with videos helping spread the much needed awareness about bird conservation in the process.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems. AWC protects some of the largest remaining populations of many of Australia’s endangered species.

ACM Group Sydney

ACM Group Sydney focuses on the diverse Asian culture that is found in Australia. It should be noted that there are a huge number of Asian communities living in Australia and having a non-profit organization that shares their knowledge and insights helping Asian migrants acclimatise to Australian life. The group recently talked about Asian Australians combatting racism which is a pretty good read.

It is good to hear that these people are rewarded for their hard work and efforts both in cash and in kind. Wissahickon Middle School hosts Working Hands event to benefit local nonprofits. Working Hands is an event that organizers estimated would attract more than 300 local children and their families, featured various projects designed to help hundreds of local individuals in need. In other news Google has awarded over $5 million to Australian non-profits tackling critical social problems with technology.

With that being said, charities who were unable to o lodge their outstanding Annual Information Statements were fined by the charity regulator for non-compliance. It’s the first time since the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) was established in December 2012 that it has issued fines for non-compliance.

Before you decide to go to a non-profit organization to lend your aid, it is important for those who want to support these types of groups to determine the difference between NGO, a non-profit and a charity to maximize them time and resources that you will be spending with them.

Health SEO: Sydney Clinics Topping the Rankings

For patients, finding health clinics has become more accessible than ever before. This is made possible with them setting up and integrating their services over the internet. As a result, just about anyone will be able to find what they are looking for at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. The same can also be said with regards to Sydney clinics with them topping the rankings in the field of health SEO. Let us look at 6 Sydney health clinics at the top of Google in their respective modalities.

Health SEO: Sydney Clinics Topping the Rankings

  1. Sydney Sexual Health Centre

Sydney Sexual Health Centre (SSHC) is known as the oldest sexual health service in NSW. This centre community-oriented centre offering offers specialist expertise in Sexually Transmissible Infections (STI) and HIV while at the same time are busy with clinical and educational research. Patients will be able to take advantage of the free and confidential testing, support, treatment and management of STIs, HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis.

  1. Hyde Park Medical Centre

Hyde Park Medical Centre aims to provide the highest standard of patient care whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness. Patients are able to choose from a wide range of medical services including Acupuncture, Allergy Testing, Antenatal Shared Care, Childhood Immunisations, Blood Pressure Checks, Cryotherapy, Family Planning, Health Vaccinations, Travel Vaccinations, Pregnancy Testing and many more.

  1. The Health Clinic

The Health Clinic is a multi-disciplinary medical centre that has helped many patients take control of their health. The clinic offers flexible opening hours and an efficient appointment system while at the same time takes advantage of allied services to gather together a great range of medical professionals and practitioners in an effort to offer patients a comprehensive range of treatment options all in one convenient Sydney CBD location.

  1. Douglas Hanly Moir Pathology

DHM is a well-respected, established pathology practice, offering comprehensive, high quality pathology services for doctors, private hospitals and nursing homes. They are one of the largest member of the Sonic Healthcare Group which is known as an Australian owned, publicly listed company, operating solely in the specialities of pathology and radiology. Patients will be able to take full advantage of their wide range of range of medical services including a 24-hour/365 days a year operation. They also offer electronic downloading of pathology results which is pretty convenient feature for their patients.

  1. Clinic 66

Clinic 66 is a sexual & reproductive health centre in Chatswood Sydney. They pride themselves in providing a unique combination of family planning, sexual health, womens health and mens health; consultations and procedures. As a result, both men and women benefit greatly from their wide range of serves that caters to the different needs and preferences of their patients.

  1. Auditory Processing Disorder

APD is an auditory processing clinic who specializes in auditory processing disorder for over 20 years. The clinic offers timely and effective solutions with their listening tests and music based programs. Aside from their wide range of services, the clinic has also shares valuable information APD, CAPD and other related learning difficulties their patients may be facing.

We’ve mentioned a few of the many Sydney health clinics that you can check out today. Get in touch to one of the clinics mentioned above to find out more!

Lead Generation Headaches: Digital Painkillers

Companies and business owners today take the necessary measures in order to garner the interest and attention of their target audience. This however, is easier said than done with a number of companies going through several loops just to find what best suit their customer’s interest. This in turn causes a huge amount of frustration and stress to several business owners. Let us look at the struggle many businesses have with generating leads for their businesses.

Lead Generation Headaches: Digital Painkillers

Lead generation plays a very important role to a huge number of businesses in the present. With that being said, leads aren’t spoon-fed as companies work hard to establish interest in products or services among their target market. Generating leads takes time and requires nurturing for it to grow. It does not happen overnight and includes companies to do complete various task. Lead generation has received its fair share of changes and innovation over the years improving and refining its service.

Back in the day, companies were required to come up with a salesforce to make direct enquiries to their target audience. Not every customer however will be pleased in receiving these calls especially those who are in a huge list that hasn’t been qualified.  For that matter, companies need to spend a fair amount of time compiling a list that contains only interested parties. Their salesforce will them make the much needed enquiries in the process. The old ways of lead generation are also not a guaranteed success which leads to a lot of frustrations to a huge number of companies and business owners in the present.

Experiencing headaches and migraines are pretty common scenarios which can add to the troubles that they are going through. It is good to hear however that with the help of modern age and technology, companies were able to find timely and more trending lead generation approaches they are able to integrate and apply to their business. Online and social marketing has changed how lead generation is being done in the present. Companies are given plenty of opportunities to pursue lead generation. One of the latest innovation can be found in the social media itself with them being used by organizations and individuals to generate leads or gain business opportunities.

Social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are actively being participated by a huge number of companies to find talent pools or market their new products and services. Generating leads through social media also feels less intrusive as these are often showed as sponsored or related content. This is the reason why many believe that social media groups have become a critical lead generation tool. Facebook messenger in particular, aims to provide more effective route to reach out to prospects. Of course, as mentioned earlier, lead generation is something that needs to be cultivated.

A number of companies fall error in thinking that having plenty of leads can result to instant success. This however, is not entire with quality is still more important over quantity. This is indeed definitely true with regards to B2B lead generation with them wanting to generate the right type of leads. Lead generation headaches are oftentimes the result of common mistakes that need to be avoided to increase sales. However, with proper knowledge and planning a huge number of companies were able to find success with their lead generation endeavors.

Lawyers SEO: Legal Search Engine Optimisation

The business of marketing a lawyer or law firm has changed markedly in the last decade. Archaic and proscriptive rules limited the way lawyers could market their services. The advent of the Internet has forced a reappraisal of these guidelines. The digital realm of websites, social media and email has dragged the legal profession into the twenty first century. The growth of American style law, with clients taking out lawsuits against public bodies, companies and individuals for compensation, has further pushed the need for SEO in the legal fields.

Lawyers SEO: Legal Search Engine Optimisation

There a number of different types of lawyers: criminal, civil, corporate, conveyancing, immigration, divorce, environment, employment, legal aid and personal injury – to name a few. The SEO for each of these specific types of lawyers would be different. Locality, also, always play a big part in keyword designations for lawyers in Australia. Terms like – a personal injury lawyer in Adelaide – would be an example of this locality factor in the SEO. Searching for a lawyer on a computer or smart phone, is now, becoming much easier for potential clients. The whole process of finding the right kind of lawyers is no longer such a mysterious journey.

Personal injury law has, it seems, really taken off of late in this country. With ads on radio and TV, letting people know that these no win, no fee style lawsuits are a reality, even here in Australia. The public have been aware of these types of cases from all the American courtroom movies capturing the drama of the little guy taking on the big guys. Workplace personal injuries seem to be a rich vein of potential business for the personal injury law firms. Unsafe work environments have been prevalent in certain industries in Australia for too many years.

Lawyers SEO: Legal search engine optimisation is the future for cost effective marketing for this industry. It is starting to happen now, with better looking and functioning legal website popping up and beginning to populate the first page of Google search. I think that we will continue to see further relaxation of the once stringent anti-advertising rules for the legal profession. Governments are recognising that it is all about doing business these days; and they are getting out of the way to facilitate that growth for the economy. Lawyers will always be in business, as long as human beings have disagreements about things.




Lawyers SEO & Lead Generation

With Adwords charging often between $90-100 PER CLICK in the Australian market, lawyers are one of the main industries looking to get lawyers SEO or lawyers lead generation working for them.

A Handy Keyword Density Tool That’s Free

As we say here at Digital Agency Partners, there are three industries where a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing:
– brain surgery
– piloting an aircraft
These are not fields of endeavour where doing a one-day workshop will suffice.
But every now and then a free tool proves its value over and over again, and basically even an SEO idiot can make great use of this keyword twodigitsgame.com density tool:

Industry Conquering Rankings Require 1500 Words Minimum

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